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SOLDAMATIC simulated training system

Flamefasts new SOLDAMATIC simulated training system offers both trainers and students alike the most advanced, safe, efficient, economic ,flexible and realistic educational solution for welding/joining training available worldwide today at a market leading price that puts other systems to shame.

It allows the operator to repeatedly practice their technique without any additional costs, as well as minimising physical risks and gas emissions, critical Performance criteria such as angle; distance movement parameters can be quickly enhanced before actual welding is attempted.

You can…

Augmented Reality Welding Training System.

The most advanced welding training systems available; it allows students to work with real 3D objects combined with virtual computer-generated images to give them the most realistic welding experience possible. They can repeatedly practice techniques, at no extra cost, and the system can be networked and controlled by the tutor for the optimal teaching tool.


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SOLDAMATIC simulated training system